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Welcome to Christianity for the Everyday, a podcast of the Kirby Laing Centre.

Public theology is about how the very good news of Jesus relates to all of life. We like to quote Gerard Manley Hopkins’ statement that “Christ plays in ten thousand places.” In our podcast we aim to find those myriad ways in which Christ plays in our lives, so that we can play alongside him. Join our team and invited guests as we explore Christianity and the everyday from the most mundane aspects of our lives with their hidden glory, to geo-political issues that impact upon them.

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Why Should Christians Read Proverbs? with Dr John Goldingay

Proverbs, especially its short quotable quotes, are lively, colourful, provocative, and often funny. They’re a pretty good read in their own right. But outside of being relatable and a reasonably fun time, why should Christians read the book? It’s part of the canon, yes, but what’s it there for?

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Reclaiming What Matters with Darren Whitehead’s 40-day Digital Fast

Phones and other digital devices dominate our day-to-day lives, offering both essential productivity and utility functions, but also embedding habits that aren’t always healthy for us. Dr Darren Whitehead’s church experimented with a 40-day fast from their phones, and built in some brilliant community practices along the way.

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ChatGPT and the rise of AI with Derek Schuurman

In this episode of the podcast we have a ranging and informative conversation with Dr Derek C. Schuurman about ChatGPT and the rise of AI in the modern world. Dr Schuurman is a professor of computer science at Calvin University who teaches and writes extensively on computer science, AI, engineering, and the theology and philosophy of technology. During the interview he helps us understand ChatGPT, what it does and how it works, and helps us to approach and think about it and AI more broadly within a humane and Christian framework.

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Playfulness in Creation with Calvin Seerveld

In this episode of Christianity for the Everyday we have a conversation with Calvin Seerveld who served as professor Emeritus in Aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto for many years. Now in his 93rd year of life, it was a privilege for us to hear his thoughts on a variety of subjects such as art, God’s call on us to be playful in creation, ageing, reading the Bible, and receiving and embracing the ‘hugs’ God gives his children through the creation.

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“Thin Places” with Tracy Balzer

In this episode of the podcast we have a conversation with Tracy Balzer about her work in the areas of contemplative and Celtic spirituality, pilgrimage and Christian holy places. We discuss the nature and importance of “Thin Places”, where God seems powerfully present; “Thick Places”, where God seems far from us; and the experience of pilgrimage to Christian holy sites. From her research, writing and teaching, to her own experience and travel, Tracy is an insightful and instructive guide for us on the pilgrim’s journey.

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