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Gerard Manley Hopkins famously wrote that Christ plays in ten thousand places. Public Theology is of little use if it does not enter into that play in every area of life. The Big Picture is our magazine available as an online magazine and in print, in which as a community we give expression to our celebration of life. If you are interested in contributing a piece for an upcoming issue, you can download the Contributor’s Guidelines here, which contains the style guide for articles as well as submission and publication deadlines

Dates for Submission and Publication for Issues 3-5:

Issue 03 – Submission date: 15 December 2021; Publication date: March 2022.

Issue 04 – Submission date: 11 April 2022; Publication date: July 2022.

Issue 05 – Submission date: 1 August 2022; Publication date: October 2022.

Christ plays in ten thousand places.

- Gerard Manley Hopkins

“All of life and all of our humanity in its many dimensions come from God and we are called to glorify God in all these dimensions. God is already at work in all of life, but Hopkins’ statement calls us to see and attend to God’s many ways. Sadly, our busyness, and sometimes our excessive focus on “doing for God,” prevent us from seeing and savouring the myriad signs of God’s work.

Sometimes we are also captive to an unbiblical view of what it means to be human. The art historian Hans Rookmaker would ask his students, “Why (to what end) does God save us?” His wonderful answer was, “To make us fully human!” Similarly, the early church father Irenaeus says that “The glory of God is the human person, fully alive!” This is not a call for sinful indulgence, but it is a call to become fully ourselves in the very best sense of the word. Indeed, it is as we become ourselves that we image God and enhance his reputation in his creation.

TBP aims to embody the myriad ways in which Christ plays in our lives. .”

- Craig Bartholomew, from "Introducing The Big Picture."

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