Call to Prayer & Action for Ukraine: See here for periodically updated information, prayers, liturgy, and action points.


KLC Events

KLC hosts a whole variety of events as we seek to embody our vision of fostering and nurturing Christian scholarship and public theology, rooted in spirituality and practiced in community. Some of these events include our regular webinars and public lecture series, the monthly meetings of the KRC, our informal KLC Coffee Times, the quarterly meetings and Annual Meal of the four Scripture Collective Seminars, as well as our summer KLC Annual Conference hosted in liaison with our partners. 

Upcoming Events in 2023

Monthly Prayer Hour

Recurring Zoom Event: First Thursday of every month, 4PM UK time

Prayer is at the heart of KLC’s work. From October, under the leadership of Hugo Herfst, we will host an hour prayer meeting on the first Thursday of every month at 4pm UK time that is open to the whole KLC community.

October 2023

Introducing Divine Action in Hebrews and the Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus

Zoom Event: Wednesday 18 OCTOBER 2023, 5:30-7:00PM UK Time

Divine Action in Hebrews and the Ongoing Priesthood of Jesus is the title of the second volume in our Scripture Collective Series, to be published by Zondervan Academic in October 2023.

In recent decades the idea of God acting in history has not fared well in far too much biblical studies and theology. Prior to his untimely death, William Abraham produced a very significant four volume series on divine action with OUP. In a lecture he gave in Chicago, he encouraged us to attend to the rough ground – alluding to Wittegenstein – of actual divine action.

In this volume we do precisely that by attending to divine action in Hebrews. This volume is the fruit of the work of our Scripture and Doctrine Seminar, and, courtesy of a diverse group of excellent authors, ranges from exegesis to theology and philosophy and history of interpretation, landing finally in very practical areas. To accompany its publication we invite you to join some of the editors and authors on Wednesday 18 October 5:30-7:00pm UK time on Zoom for an introduction to the volume and an initial discussion of its contents. Of course, we also encourage you to order a copy!

November 2023

KLC Mathematics Hub Event: Science, Reason, and the Christian Faith

Zoom Event: Tuesday 7 November 2023, 5:30-7:00PM UK Time

Join the KLC Mathematics Hub for an online presentation given by Rev Dr Rodney Holder from The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, titled, Science, Reason, and the Christian Faith.

About the presentation:

A distinction is often made between what we can know of God through reason and what we can know through revelation. In this talk Rev Dr Holder will first discuss natural theology, which concerns what we can know about God purely by being human and exercising our natural powers of reason. He will then give some examples of natural theological arguments for the existence of God, particularly those which appeal to knowledge gained through the sciences. He will then discuss objections to natural theology arising from within the Christian tradition. Rev Dr Holder will argue that the distinction between reason and revelation is artificial since we need to apply reason to evaluate what purports to be revelation. This leads to what has become known as ‘ramified natural theology’.

This promises to be an informative and enriching discussion, so if you are interested in the intersection of science and Christianity, RSVP today by using the button below.

Scripture Collective Annual Meal 2023

In-Person Event: Saturday 18 November 2023, 6:00PM CT, at Ruth’s Chris Steak House (Grand Hyatt Hotel)

Every year the Scripture Collective hosts its Annual Meal on the Saturday evening during SBL/AAR/IBR. 

It is one of the best things we do – a wonderful opportunity to connect and celebrate as a like-minded and collaborative community.

This year our Annual Meal will take place on Saturday 18 November 2023, from 6:00PM CT, at the excellent Ruth’s Chris Steak House, San Antonio River Walk (600 E Market Street – Grand Hyatt Hotel). 

The ticket cost is £20 per person and includes food and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages will be available, but will be at your own cost and not included in the £20 ticket.

Book your place to attend by following these two simple steps:

  1. Use the form below to RSVP and be added to our list of attendees.
  2. Once you have RSVP’d, please head over here to pay for your ticket. 

Past Events in 2023

January 2023

KLC Arts Hub Meeting

Zoom Event: Thursday 12 January 2023 at 6:00PM UK Time

The KLC Arts Hub will gather this Thursday 12 January 2023 at 6:00PM UK time. We warmly invite all in the KLC community interested in the Arts Hub to join us for this gathering. Register to attend today by submitting the RSVP form below.

February 2023

Doctoral Research Coram Deo

Zoom Event: Wednesday 15 February 2023, 5:30-7:00pm UK time

KLC invites you to join us for a discussion of doctoral research done coram deo, before the face of God. Join us to hear about KLC’s PhD supervision programme in partnership with Union Theological College, to meet our first three students as well as doctoral students receiving grants from KLC and Bible Society, and some of Craig’s students through Trinity College, Bristol. 

Under the leadership of our Director of PhD studies, Rev Dr Michael Wagenman, our supervisory team has been rethinking doctoral research missionally, and Craig Bartholomew will speak about our vision and ethos for such research. For those of you with a research degree we invite you to join us in thinking through best practice. We will also have a time at the end to pray for all doctoral students and supervisors in attendance.

March 2023

War in Ukraine: One Year On

Zoom Event: Wednesday 15 March 2023, 5:30-7:00pm UK time

KLC Director, Craig Bartholomew, writes: Shortly after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, I put a small Ukrainian flag in a flower pot outside my front door. It remains there one year later, colours somewhat muted, but still flying in the breeze as a reminder of this brutal ongoing conflict. To mark the anniversary of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Ukraine’s extraordinary resilience, we invite you to join us to hear retired UK diplomat, Michael Shipster, update us on his profound reflections on this war published in The Big Picture 04, as well as two respondents, and for a time of discussion, ending with a short liturgy.

Coffee Time with KLC

Zoom Event: Friday 17 March 2023, 2:00-3:00pm UK time

On Friday 17 March from 2-3pm UK time we will host an hour Coffee Time with KLC for an opportunity to meet Otto Bam, KLC’s new Arts Project Manager, as well as Lauren Mulford, who has recently come on board to help Michael Wagenman with the administration of our PhD supervision.

April 2023

Introducing KLC's Scripture Collective

Zoom Event: Wednesday 19 April 2023, 5:30-7:00PM UK Time

The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar began 25 years ago. More recently it developed into four Seminars: Scripture and Hermeneutics, Scripture and Doctrine, Scripture and Church, and Scripture and the University. These now function as part of KLC’s Scripture Collective, directed by Rev Dr David Larsen. 

Join us for an introduction to the Scripture Collective and its recently published first volume in our new The Scripture Collective Series, The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar: Retrospect and Prospect (Zondervan Academic, 2022). 

We have some twelve copies of this volume still available through our online store at £15 each, so if you live in the UK order your copy here today, and come prepared for a great discussion. 

May 2023

Bill Browder in Cambridge

In-Person & Zoom Event: Thursday 25 May 2023, 1:00-5:30PM UK Time

Bill Browder is the Founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management and Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign. Bill is the author of the best-sellers Red Notice and Freezing Order. Both books are riveting, searing, and essential reading. 

Bill was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he was denied entry to the country and declared “a threat to national security” for exposing corruption in Russian state-owned companies.

In 2008, his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, uncovered a massive fraud committed by Russian government officials. Sergei testified against state officials and was subsequently arrested, imprisoned without trial, and systematically tortured. He spent a year in prison under horrific detention conditions and died in prison in 2009. His crime was that as a Christian he would not bear false witness. As Bill writes in chapter 29 of Red Notice, “Sergei was religious and he would not violate God’s ninth commandment: ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness.’”

Since then, Bill has sought justice outside of Russia and started a global campaign for governments around the world to impose targeted visa bans and asset freezes on human rights abusers and highly corrupt officials.

Retired UK diplomat Michael Shipster, fresh from a trip around Ukraine, will also be joining us to share his findings and experience.

June 2023

The Old Testament and God - Part 1: Introducing the Book with Craig Bartholomew

Zoom Event: Wednesday 21 June 2023, 5:30-7:00PM UK Time

In late 2022 Craig Bartholomew’s The Old Testament and God was published, the first in a projected four volume series on Old Testament Origins and the Question of God. Designed as something of a companion to N. T. Wright’s big series on the New Testament, in this book Craig calls for a paradigm shift in OT studies, and charts a course in this direction.

We will be hosting a 2-Part event, first introducing the book and then critically engaging with it. The first of the two, titled Part 1: Introducing the Book with Craig Bartholomew, will take place on Wednesday 21 June (5.30pm-7.00pm) and in it Craig will introduce the book and outline the argument. 

Please join us for this important discussion, as we seek ways to retrieve the OT for today. You can register for the first event (21 June) via the form immediately below. To register for the second event (16 August), scroll down to the next panel.

August 2023

The Old Testament and God - Part 2: A Critical Engagement

Zoom Event: Wednesday 16 August 2023, 5:30-7:30PM UK Time

In this, the second of two events tackling Craig Bartholomew’s The Old Testament and God, a number of scholars will engage with and respond to the book, in dialogue with Craig.

Tremper Longman III says of the book: “Bartholomew sets the study of God in the Old Testament on its proper foundation, which makes this essential reading for all scholars and serious students alike.”

RSVP for Part 2 on The Old Testament and God via the form below, to join us for this important discussion as we seek to retrieve the OT for today.

September 2023

What is Evangelicalism?

Zoom Event: Wednesday 20 September 2023, 5:30-7:00PM UK Time

Evangelicalism is a global movement facing challenges on many fronts. Some of these challenges are political in nature, some social, some theological. The differing concerns across the globe have led to a fracturing in particular regions around the world.

To better understand these fractures and to help unify the global community to face the challenges ahead, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge (KLC) have partnered together to explore and begin a conversation about what “evangelical” means for the twenty-first century. You can learn more about the WEA here: and about KLC here: 

The first step in the conversation is to hear from the global evangelical community about their perspective on the current state of evangelicalism. If you have just 5 or 10 minutes, please consider taking the survey, we’d love to hear from you. You are also most welcome to share it with friends and colleagues. 

Please note that the survey is entirely voluntary and anonymous. The data compiled will be held by KLC, and we will begin reporting back on it through the second step in this conversation, which will be a public event hosted by KLC on 20 September 2023. This Zoom event will consist of a panel discussion of the initial results of the survey and will comprise members of KLC and WEA, including: Professor Darrell Bock (Moderator, KLC), Rev Dr Craig Bartholomew (KLC), Dr Bruce Ashford (KLC), Dr Peirong Lin (WEA), Dr Brian Stiller (WEA), Mr. Rei Lemuel Crizaldo (WEA). The data from the survey will be used for ongoing exploration of the nature of Evangelicalism by KLC and WEA.

You can take the survey here, and then register to attend this exploration and discussion of the current state of global evangelicalism by using the form below.


Craig G. Bartholomew, KLC Director, and Dr. Theresa Lua, Director, Global Theology, WEA and Bishop Dr. Thomas Shirrmacher, Secretary General and CEO, WEA

October 2023

KLC & Lawyers' Christian Fellowship: Start of the Legal Year Service

IN-PERSON & Zoom Event: Wednesday 11 OCTOBER 2023, 6:00-7:00PM UK Time

Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship in partnership with the Kirby Laing Centre warmly invite you to mark the opening of the new legal year with a special one hour service to help lawyers to re-orient themselves to God, to reflect on their calling and be encouraged to minister faithfully for Him. 

In person at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, and online via Zoom, we shall follow a liturgy written especially for lawyers starting the new legal year by David McIlroy, practising barrister, visiting professor at Notre Dame and chair of trustees of the Kirby Laing Centre.

Please register for this event using the form below. For those able to attend the service in-person in Cambridge there will be an informal meal afterwards at the Station Tavern (each guest attending being responsible for purchasing their own food and drinks). Please let us know via the form when registering if you can attend the meal so that we can inform the restaurant.

Past Events in 2022

December 2022

KLC Gathers for Advent 2022

Zoom Event: Thursday 8 December 2022 at 5:30PM UK time

Join us for our Advent gathering on Thursday 8 December 2022 at 5:30PM UK time. Amidst a liturgy led by Hugo Herfst as we prepare for the coming of our king, we will also report back on KLC Gathers NA and our recent time in Denver with the four seminars of our Scripture Collective as well as our Annual Meal.

We warmly invite all of the KLC community to join us as we celebrate and mark the beginning of Advent together.

November 2022

KLC Gathers North America

Friday 11 – Sunday 13 November at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama 

During the weekend before SBL, we will host KLC Gathers NA at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The theme for our gathering will be Journey In, Journey Out: Holistic Discipleship. We invite you and your families and friends to join us for this event. Scroll down past the registration form for more information on the event, the theme, the location, accommodation, time frame and cost.

To register please submit the form below:


More about KLC Gathers North America

KLC has a vested interest in having a robust North American presence. Recently we made a joint appointment with Surge and Missional Training Center of Dr David Beldman. Dave will, inter alia, function as Director of KLC North America and work to develop our relationships with and through Missional Training Centre and Surge Network in Phoenix. 

In November 2022 KLC will host our four Scripture Collective Seminars – Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar, Scripture and Church Seminar, Scripture and Doctrine Seminar, Scripture and University Seminar –  and Annual Meal during SBL in Denver as we celebrate 25 years of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar. The first book in our new Scripture Collective Series with Zondervan Academic will also be released.

During the weekend before SBL, we will host KLC Gathers NA at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. We invite you and your families and friends to join us for this event. 

The theme for our gathering will be:


The journey out is our vocational life in the different spheres of life bearing in mind that all Christians are God’s fulltime servants, the only difference being where and how we are called to serve. The journey in is our deep engagement with God through the Bible, community, and ourselves. Both are essential to the Christian life. Even as we rediscover the entire creation as the theatre of God’s glory (Calvin), we need to ensure that we are being formed and resourced by the journey in for our journey out into God’s world. 

Topics addressed will include the following:

  • Recovering prayer and spiritual formation 
  • The holistic nature of following Jesus (discipleship)
  • The challenges we experience in our areas of discipleship/vocation and how to live them
  • Our stories from our experiences of following Jesus 
  • Cultural challenges to Christian discipleship today 

KLC is deeply committed to community rooted in Christian spirituality. Our program will include leisure time for good conversations, times to learn fresh practices of prayer, and communal worship. We want our annual KLC Gathers NA to become a must attend event as a time of deep refreshment that connects with our deepest needs. Do please use this invitation to spread the word to all who might be interested in this event. 

A chaplain will be available for one-on-one discussions as required. Time will also be available for our different research hubs to meet as desired. 


  • Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

          5900 Messer Airport Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35212 USA

          Call: 205-595-0533, or Visit their website

          We suggest renting a car from the airport, taxi or Uber.  


(The three closest hotels we recommend near Covenant Presbyterian)

  • Aloft Birmingham Soho Square

         1903 29th Avenue South, Homewood, Alabama, USA, 35209

         Call: 1-205-874-8055, or Visit their website.

  • Courtyard Birmingham Homewood

          500 Shades Creek Parkway, Homewood, AL, USA, 35209

          Call: 1-205-879-0400, or Visit their website.

  • Hampton Inn Birmingham/Mountain Brook

          2731 US Highway 280 South, Birmingham, AL, USA, 35223

          Call: 1-205-870-7822, or Visit their website.


Our gathering will begin with the evening meal on Friday 11 November at 6.00pm. We will conclude at 12 midday on Sunday.


The gathering fee is US$30 per adult. Students US$15. Children US$10. Please note: We will alert all attendees with payment details in the coming weeks. For now, please just take note of the fee and register to attend below. The fee includes a copy for each adult of Craig Bartholomew and Paige Vanosky’s The 30-Minute Bible: God’s Word for Everyone (IVP). 

KLC Scripture Collective Annual Meal

In-Person Gathering: at SBL in Denver, Colorado, on the evening of Saturday 19 November 2022

After a two year break we are delighted to be hosting our Scripture Collective Annual Meal once again at SBL in Denver on the evening of Saturday 19 November 2022. It is one of the very best things we do. 

Our venue is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse from 6pm onwards. Each guest will be given a menu so that they will be able to select their own dinner choices, which will include dessert and non-alcoholic drinks. 

We are grateful to our partners and sponsors, SEBTS and BibleMesh. The meal is subvented and thus costs only US $25 per person. Our numbers are limited to around 70 so do sign up below asap. We will provide all registrants with a means of payment in the coming weeks. Please spread the word – all are welcome!!

October 2022

SADS Event: Biblical Reasoning: A Discussion with R. B. Jamieson and Tyler R. Wittman, featuring Lewis Ayres and Fred Sanders

Zoom Event: Friday 28 October from 7.00pm UK time / 1.00pm Central Time (USA & Canada)

What is the proper relationship between Scripture and Doctrine? How are we to conceive of the precise relationship between biblical exegesis and Christian dogmatics? For several decades, theologians and biblical scholars alike have explored what it would mean to reintegrate these crucial disciplines. But attempts at a reunion have sometimes been characterized by a lack of cohesion, rigor, and concrete specificity. From a certain perspective, the new book Biblical Reasoning: Christological and Trinitarian Rules for Exegesis (Baker Academic, 2021) by R. B. Jamieson and Tyler Wittman serves as a kind of remedy to these deficiencies. Exploring seven “principles” and ten “rules” for exegesis, the book shows how the relationship between exegetical reasoning and dogmatic reasoning is reciprocal and reinforcing, even if asymmetrical. Drawing on the seminal work of the late John Webster (but also ranging widely in the fathers, the medieval doctors, the Reformers, the post-Reformation scholastics, and modern scholarship as well), Biblical Reasoning has been called a “book of generational significance” and “a master class in how to read the Bible directly and accurately.” This online forum features the authors and two respondents, Lewis Ayres and Fred Sanders, in what should prove a lively and instructive discussion of theological exegesis.


Zoom Event: Thursday 20 October at 3.30-4.30pm UK time

A marvellous opportunity has arisen for KLC to develop a major footprint in the arts. You are warmly invited to join us for an update and initial planning on Thursday 20 October at 3.30-4.30pm UK time.

KLC’S VISION FOR 2022-2023

Zoom Event: Thursday 20 October from 5.30pm-7.00pm UK time

Last Thursday, 1 September 2022, we held our official launch of KLC. Especially for in-person attendees it was a very rich time. Join us on Thursday 20 October from 5.30pm-7.00pm UK time for an overview of all that is going on at KLC in the 2022-2023 academic year and for a time of Q&A. You can sign up to attend using the form below.

KLC & Lawyers' Christian Fellowship: Service for the New Legal Year

Zoom Event: Wednesday 12 October 2022 at 5:15 PM UK Time

The new legal year will start at the beginning of October, when judges historically prayed for guidance for the coming term.  On Wednesday, 12 October 2022 at 17:15 GMT, the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge will be partnering with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship for a special one hour service to mark this important event in the calendar of all lawyers.

We will follow a liturgy written especially for lawyers starting the new legal year by David McIlroy, practising barrister, visiting professor at Notre Dame and chair of trustees of the Kirby Laing Centre.

We trust this event will help Christian lawyers to re-orient themselves to God at the start of the new legal year, to reflect on their calling and be encouraged to minister faithfully for Him.  It will be held over Zoom to make attendance as convenient as possible for all lawyers.


Zoom Event: Saturday 1 October 2022 at 4.00pm-5.30pm UK Time

KLC invites you to join us on Saturday 1 October from 4.00pm-5.30pm UK time for this event. Modern society is complex and if we are to engage it as salt and light then we need an understanding, a theory, of how society works. Catholics have developed a sophisticated theory of society that we all need to be familiar with. Thus, we are delighted to partner with Catholic Conscience, our Canadian friends, for this event. The main speakers will be Matt Marquardt, Peter Copeland, and Brendan Steven of Catholic Conscience, with Craig Bartholomew as respondent. You can find the programme here and register to attend using the form below.

  • Start time: 11am EST/4pm UK time. Run time: 90 minutes (plus 10-15 minutes buffer for extra questions)
  • Structure:
    1. 45-minute presentation by Catholic Conscience
    2. 20–30-minute response and discussion between Rev Dr Craig Bartholomew and Catholic Conscience
    3. 15–30-minute audience Q&A

September 2022

KLC Official Launch Day Gatherings and Evening Launch Event

Thursday 1st September 2022 | Daytime gatherings start at 12:30pm, Evening launch event at 6:30pm

KLC was born amidst the pandemic. Thus, we have not been able to have a proper, official launch. We invite you to join us for our official launch on Thursday evening 1 September at 6.30 for 7pm at Margaret Beaufort Institute in Cambridge.

Wonderfully, we have several people coming in from overseas for the launch and thus we will host activities from 12.30pm onwards. There are three day-time gatherings – the Director’s Luncheon, Prayer Hour, and Music and Spirituality session, with the fourth and final being the Evening Launch Event. All are invited to join us. You can download the day’s programme here.

Registration forms for each gathering can be found below. Please note that you need to register to attend each gathering individually. 

1. Director's Luncheon

12.30-2.00pm | Millworks Restaurant

The Director’s Luncheon is open to all and will be held at the Millworks Restaurant in Cambridge,, Millworks, The Watermill, Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EY. Please note this gathering is in-person only. Use the form below to register to attend (please do include any guests you intend to bring with you).

In-person registration is now closed. 

2. Ora: The Heart of KLC: Prayer Hour

2.30-3.30pm | Margaret Beaufort Institute

KLC’s vision is for intellectual community rooted in deep spirituality. As we launch into God’s future we want to have the practice of prayer front and centre. Join us for an hour of contemplative prayer led by Dr Hugo Herfst (Guatemala) who is overseeing the spirituality of KLC for us. This gathering is in-person and via Zoom. 

In-person registration is now closed. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please send an email to

3. Music, Scripture and Spiritual Formation

5.00-6.30pm | Margaret Beaufort Institute

Dr Delvyn Case, Director of Deus ex Musica, will be with us from Boston to lead us in a session on music, Scripture and spiritual formation. Titled Search Me, O God: Musical Explorations of the Psalms, this unique event uses live performances of new sacred music as a springboard for conversation about Scripture and faith. Performed by acclaimed violinist Emma-Mare Kabanova, this interactive session features new psalm-inspired works written by an international collection of Jewish and Christian composers. Hosted by Delvyn Case, founder and Executive Director of Deus Ex Musica, this will be a memorable opportunity to explore the depth and vitality of the psalms in a thought-provoking and meaningful way. This gathering is in-person and via Zoom. 

In-person registration is now closed. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please send an email to

4. Evening Launch Event

6.30-9pm | The Lecture Room, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

From 6.30pm onwards a delicious prosecco and elderflower juice will be served. Our formal proceedings will begin around 7pm and conclude by 9pm. A buffet meal and tea and coffee will also be served. A full programme for the Evening Launch Event will be published closer to the day. 

In-person registration is now closed. If you would like to attend via Zoom, please send an email to

August 2022

KLC Missional Hub Event: Introducing Becoming a Missionary Church: Lesslie Newbigin and Contemporary Church Movements by Mike Goheen & Tim Sheridan

Zoom Event: Thursday 18 August 2022 at 5:30-7pm UK Time

Our emerging Missional Hub invites you to an event with Mike Goheen and Tim Sheridan in relation to their exciting new book Becoming a Missionary Church: Lesslie Newbigin and Contemporary Church Movements (Baker Academic 2022). Attendees will be able to purchase the book at a discount. You can sign up below now for the event and more detail will follow closer to the event.

Mike Goheen with Becoming a Missionary Church

June 2022

Erich Auerbach’s Mimesis, An Introduction

Zoom Event: Thursday 30 June 2022 at 5:30-7pm UK Time

Erich Auerbach’s book Mimesis is a classic and one that all Christian thinkers should be familiar with. We are delighted that Dr Andrew White, a literary scholar and Fellow of KLC, will introduce us to the argument and relevance of this extraordinary book. Please RSVP by filling in the form below. We look forward to having you join us for this important discussion.

May 2022


ZOOM EVENT: THURSDAY 19 May, 5:30-7:30pm UK time

KLC and LCF invite you to this vital event on Thursday 19 May from 5.30-7.30pm UK time. Senator David Coltart has vast and exceptionally courageous experience as a human rights lawyer and politician in Zimbabwe. He set up one of the two organisations that documented the genocide in Matabeleland in the early 1980s and later served as Minister of Education in the unity government under Mugabe. His riveting book, The Struggle Continues: 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe, is essential and compelling reading. He continues to be active in opposition politics and as a human rights lawyer.

In Southern Africa a battle for the soul is underway between corrupt authoritarians and democrats. Not only is this battle of major importance for Southern Africa – indeed for Africa as a whole – but it also illumines conflicts such as that underway in Ukraine at present.

Join us for an interview with Senator Coltart followed by an hour of Q&A.

There is much at stake in this discussion and we ask you to join us in promoting the event far and wide.

Spirituality for the dissatisfied: A Book Study of We Drink From Our Own Wells by Gustavo Gutiérrez

A 10-week study | First ZOOM GATHERING: Wednesday 18 May from 8-9pm UK time

During this time of global strife what if we could listen to someone who has lived in places of violence, poverty, and corruption and yet writes powerfully about what it means to live authentically as God’s people, nourished by a deep spirituality shaped by Scripture and the spiritual masters of the past, precisely for times like ours? Writing from a Latin American context, Gustavo Gutiérrez is often considered the father of Liberation Theology. He is convinced that Christianity is essentially about following Jesus as a community led by the Spirit on a path oriented by the announcement of the Good News: the Lord has risen! Death, injustice and evil can never have the last word. The question is, how do we live this reality today? You are invited to a book study on Gustavo Gutiérrez’s We Drink From Our Own Wells. Gutiérrez will challenge us and we may not always agree, however, we will not be able to evade his serious Biblical reflection that begs for transformative application in our lives. On the other hand, however, we might be surprised by Gutiérrez’s insights! The 10 week study will be led by C. Hugo Herfst, OblSB, who has lived and served in various capacities in Guatemala for over 20 years. 

This group will meet for the first time on Wednesday 18 May from 8-9pm UK time when it will decide on the best time to meet. Please note that we are looking for a group who will attend throughout the 10 weeks.

April 2022

SAHS Virtual Event: How Can We Sing a Song in a Strange Land? Hermeneutics of Song, Poetry, and Lament in the 21st Century

ZOOM EVENT: WEDNESDAY 20 April, 2–4pm UK time (9–11am Eastern Time)

The Kirby Laing Centre is hosting a special event on the psalms of lament. In light of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, this event could not be more timely as we consider how, as Christians, we respond faithfully to crisis and tragedy. Organised by the Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar, this event focuses on hearing and interpreting the psalms of lament for today. The session will include reflections by Old Testament scholars and musicians in the form of papers and special music.

March 2022

Movies are prayers: Film and Faith with Josh Larsen

ZOOM EVENT: THURSDAY 24 March 2022, 5:30-6:30PM UK TIME

“Movies are our way of telling God what we think about this world and our place in it. . . . Movies can be many things: escapist experiences, historical artifacts, business ventures, and artistic expressions, to name a few. I’d like to suggest that they can also be prayers.”

In his wonderful book Movies are Prayers film critic Josh Larsen paints a vivid and compelling picture of how films can voice our deepest longings, giving powerful expression to God of our lament, praise, joy, confession, and more.

In this moment in global history, many of the prayers we find ourselves praying are those of lament, searing “how long, O Lord” prayers, prayers of longing, anger, and difficult hope.

In this KLC online event Josh will introduce us to this notion of films as prayers, how they can function to enrich and deepen our faith and engagement with God and his world, take us through an example of how film can act as a prayer of lament and difficult hope, and end with time for Q&A. 

Josh is a Chicago-based film critic, the editor of Think Christian, and co-host of the radio and podcast show Filmspotting. You can find out more on his website.

The Church in society event

ZOOM EVENT: THURSDAY 17 March 2022, 5:30-7:30PM UK TIME

Scattered as the church is among the nations, we cannot but reflect on our relationship to the societies of which we are a part. In 1989 as a young Anglican minister in apartheid South Africa, Craig Bartholomew gave a keynote address at the Church of England in South Africa (now REACH SA) Synod on The Church in Society. Now some 30 years later this talk, published in rough form as a booklet, is receiving fresh attention. You can download and read the paper here. This event will use Craig’s talk as the basis for a fresh exploration of the relationship between church and society. Craig will update his perspective 30 years on, and several South Africans and thinkers from other contexts will share their thoughts, as together we wrestle with this perennially important issue.

Ash Wednesday Call to Prayer - and action - for Ukraine


As we agonise over what is happening in Ukraine we are not as those without help. We invite you to join us for 45 minutes of prayer and a briefing about the situation in Ukraine (15  minutes) this Wednesday 2 March at 6pm UK time.  

In the last edition of The Big Picture, I wrote about Jesus’ call to his followers to be salt  and light. Now is a time for salt – to restrain the evil – and light – to flood the situation with  light and truth. As has been said, for evil to triumph all that is required is for good people to  remain silent. Let us not be such people. Join us for a briefing on the situation in Ukraine, to continue praying for it, and to reflect on what we can do to assist. 

            – Craig Bartholomew, KLC Director 

January 2022

KLC Gathers for 2022


In the second week of January 2022 we will be gathering as a KLC community to connect with one another and to hear about the vision for the Kirby Laing Centre for 2022. It will be an exciting and important time together as we enter our second year as an independent charity, and we warmly invite you all to join us as we anticipate in hope the year ahead.

Past Events in 2021

December 2021

KLC Gathers for Advent

Zoom Event: Tuesday 14 December from 6:30PM-7:30PM UK Time

At KLC we try and let our year be shaped by church time rather than that of our cultures. During Advent and on into Christmas we slow down as we prepare to receive Christ again. We invite you to join us on Tuesday 14 December from 6.30-7.30 for our Advent event. As we enter Advent we also come to the end of KLC’s first year in existence. Advent candles will be lit, liturgy said, short reflections on the year shared, and Craig will speak on “One Thing Necessary.” We look forward to celebrating this important time of year together.

KLC Day Of Prayer

Zoom Event: Friday 10 December 2021

At our best we accompany the Spirit on his mission. Thus KLC punctuates its year with days of prayer, days of being open to God and listening to what the Spirit is saying to us. We invite you to join us for our final prayer day of 2021 on Friday 10 December. Each attendee will receive a psalm to pray with during the day. At our final service time will be made available to share with one another what we discern the Spirit is saying. 

Note that we understand that due to difference in time zones some will only be able to attend some of the services. Where possible we do encourage you to set aside the day in order to benefit from the cumulative effect. 

  • 9.30am UK time – Morning Prayer
  • 12 noon UK time – Midday prayer
  • 6.30pm UK time – Eucharist and Reflections 

November 2021

The Importance and Impact of George Steiner's Real Presences | Jenny Taylor

Zoom Event: Tuesday 2 November 2021, 5:30PM-7:30PM UK Time

Real Presences is an extraordinary book by George Steiner, which every thinker should be familiar with. Steiner argues that the waters have been thoroughly muddied in our engagement with art and literature, provides a profound diagnosis of the causes, and proposes a surprising, theological solution. Our Research Fellow in Media, Journalism and Communications, Dr Jenny Taylor, will lead us through the argument of the book and set the framework for engagement with it. Not to be missed! 

October 2021

The Robot Will See you Now: Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith


KLC invites you to join us for a fascinating discussion of the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Christian faith. 

John Wyatt and Stephen Williams will introduce their recently published, edited book, The Robot Will See You Now: Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith (SPCK, 2021). Derek Schuurman and Jason Thacker will respond to the book. The presentations will be followed by a time of Q&A. 


John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, Ethics and Perinatology, University College London, and Faraday Associate at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. He has a special interest in the interface between medical ethics, technology and Christianity, and co-led a research project on the social, ethical and theological implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics based at the Faraday Institute. He is the author of Dying Well, Right to Die: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and End-of-life Care and Matters of Life and Death: Human Dilemmas in the Light of the Christian Faith (all published by IVP in 2018, 2015 and 2009 respectively).

Stephen N. Williams is Honorary Professor of Theology at Queen’s University, Belfast, and was a participant in the research project based at the Faraday Institute, Cambridge. His books include The Election of Grace: A Riddle Without a Resolution? (Eerdmans, 2015), The Shadow of the Antichrist: Nietzsche’s Critique of Christianity (Baker Academic Press, 2006) and Revelation and Reconciliation: A Window on Modernity (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

Derek Schuurman Derek C. Schuurman worked as an electrical engineer for several years and later completed a Ph.D. at McMaster University in the area of robotics and computer vision. He has taught at Dordt University and Redeemer University and is currently professor of computer science at Calvin University. He is a fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation and an Associate Fellow of the Kirby Laing Center for Public Theology in Cambridge. He is the author of the book Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture and Computer Technology and coauthor of the upcoming book A Christian Field Guide to Technology for Engineers and Designers, both published by InterVarsity Academic Press.

Jason Thacker serves as chair of research in technology ethics at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He also serves as an adjunct instructor of philosophy, ethics, and worldview at Boyce College in Louisville, KY. He is the author of the forthcoming, Following Jesus in the Digital Age with B&H Publishing, as well as The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity with Zondervan. He also serves as the editor of a forthcoming volume with B&H Academic on Christian ethics and the digital public square, focused on content moderation and online governance. He is the project leader and lead drafter of Artificial Intelligence: An Evangelical Statement of Principles, and his work has been featured at SlatePoliticoChristianity TodayThe Gospel Coalition, and World Radio.

KLC & Lawyers' Christian Fellowship: Service for the New Legal Year

Zoom Event: Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 5:15 PM UK Time

The new legal year will start at the beginning of October in England, when judges historically prayed for guidance for the coming term.  On Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 5:15 UK Time, KLC is pleased to host, in partnership with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, a special one hour service like no other to mark this important event in the calendar of all lawyers.

We will follow a liturgy written especially for lawyers starting the new legal year by David McIlroy, practising barrister, visiting professor at Notre Dame and chair of trustees of KLC, with a short talk from Psalm 82 by Jon Hyde, practising solicitor, associate fellow of KLC and chair of trustees of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship.

We trust this event will help Christian lawyers to re-orient themselves to God at the start of the new legal year, to reflect on their calling and be encouraged to minister faithfully for Him.  It will be held over Zoom to make attendance as convenient as possible for all lawyers.

September 2021

Craig Bartholomew: Yahweh, the gods of the ane, and law: an engagement with psalm 82

Zoom Event: Thursday 23 September 2021, 5:30PM-7:30PM UK Time

Psalm 82 is dynamite. We suggest you prepare for this session by spending time with this psalm. Craig will expound this psalm with a view to opening up the unique view of law in OT Israel, and its implications for today.

Craig Bartholomew: The Doctrine of Creation and The Disciplines

This webinar will be HOSTED BY SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN SCHOLARS: Thursday 16 September 2021, 2PM UK Time

Form the Society of Christian Scholars Event Page:

Approaching the world as God’s creation changes everything! Yet, how does it change the way we approach our academic disciplines as Christians? On Thursday, 16 September 2021 at 1400 UTC/GMT, Dr Craig Bartholomew, Director of the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge, UK, will discuss how a full-orbed doctrine of creation is of vital importance today and why we need to have it operational within our studies and research. He will also explore some of the ways in which it transforms and shapes individual disciplines, enables us to engage in dialogue with scholars who hold very different worldviews, and opens up the interrelationship among the disciplines. In the end, he argues for seeing the world as it really is as ‘charged with the grandeur of God’ (Gerard Manly Hopkins), bringing hope to a jaded world. In preparation for the webinar, take some time to read the introduction and various chapters to his most recent book, The Doctrine of Creation (IVP Academic, 2020). Register TODAY to engage in this important conversation!

The Kirby Laing Centre Weekly reading group

Zoom gathering: Thursday 2 September – Thursday 9 December 2021 (70 min per week for 15 weeks)

The KLC centre is deeply committed to doing our work in community and grounded in deep spirituality. You are invited to join us for this 15-week group, meeting – at this stage – every Thursday at 8pm-9.10pm UK time. This time is chosen to make it possible for our North American friends to participate as well as UK and European and southern African, etc., members of our community. At our first meeting we will discuss the best day and time for the group as a whole, as well as how the group will operate. The group will be led by Craig Bartholomew. 

Our main book will be Margaret Silf’s Landmarks: An Ignatian Journey (London: DLT, 1998). Silf’s book is widely recognized as one of the best introductions to Ignatian spirituality. If you buy it do buy the UK DLT edition – for some reason the US edition removed the great line drawings from their edition. We will ground our work in Scripture, and aim at developing our practice of Christian spirituality in relation to the particular circumstances of our lives.

The group is open to all but as you reflect on joining it a few caveats: 

  • Our preference is to keep the group relatively small at around 25 people. 
  • Our request is that if you sign up for it you commit to attend and to be an active participant. We understand that circumstances arise where one cannot make a meeting, but we are looking for a committed group to go on this journey together. 

The course will culminate in a KLC prayer day on Friday 10 December, led by Ken Herfst, and an event with a leading authority on Christian spirituality – still to be confirmed. All in all the course should position us well to journey on into Advent.

June 2021

A Reciprocal Response: Bartholomew on Chris Wright, Exodus, and Chris Wright on Bartholomew, Sinai

Zoom Event: Thursday 24 June, 4-6.30pm UK time – 11am-1.30pm EST

We recently hosted a rich event with Leon Kass on his commentary on Exodus. Chris Wright has also recently published a commentary on Exodus (Zondervan Academic) and in this event Wright will reflect on Bartholomew’s God Who Acts in History: The Significance of Sinai (Eerdmans, 2020), and Bartholomew will reflect on Wright, Exodus (2021). There will be an hour after each author’s response for questions and discussion. In the final 30 minutes Robby Holt will lead a reflection on preaching a series on Exodus.

KLC Weekly Reading Group in June 2021

Zoom gathering: Thursdays, 9:00PM UK time / 4:00PM ET, starting thursday 3 june, 1 hour max.

Following the completion of Leon Kass’ excellent book on Exodus – Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus – the KLC Reading Group will continue to dig into the book of Exodus itself and explore some key themes raised in Kass’ work throughout the month of June. We will then conclude with KLC’s virtual webinar featuring Dr Craig Bartholomew and Dr Chris Wright on Exodus on 24 June.


3 June: William Abraham, “Divine Action and Skepticism in the Book of Exodus.” In ibid., Divine Agency and Divine Action, Vol IV (OUP, 2021). Led by Meghan Roberts.
10 June: Reading Exodus politically for today (picking up some threads from our reading of Kass). Led by Craig Bartholomew. 
17 June: Demaracting Kass’s hermeneutic – Gary Cockerill has written up some of his own reflections on Kass’ hermeneutic. We will be distributing his reflections to the group in advance of our discussion and we should all come with our own reflections (you might read Dave Beldman’s reflections here). Led by Dave Beldman.
 24 June: Online webinar (via zoom) with Craig Bartholomew and Christopher Wright on Exodus.

The Reading Group is open to all interested and you do not need to have to have read Kass to participate, so please do RSVP below. 

An Engagement with C. Stephen Evans' New Book

Zoom Event: Tuesday 1 June, 5:30-7:30PM UK time

Søren Kierkegaard is one of KLC‘s favourite philosophers, and C. Stephen Evans is one of the world authorities on Kierkegaard.

Join us for a Zoom event with a major group of contemporary philosophers as we engage with Evans’s recent book: Kierkegaard and Spirituality: Accountability as the Meaning of Human Existence (Kierkegaard as a Christian Thinker) where Evans describes Kierkegaard’s contributions to spirituality – both Christian and more generally human.

May 2021

Full Circle: From Lament to Praise and Back Again

Zoom Concert: Saturday, 15 May, 7-9PM UK time

Leon Kass observes that “The artists are God’s prophets for the eyes. The beauty they cultivate becomes the skin of the good and the holy.” 

KLC warmly invites you to join us for our first Concert entitled Full Circle: From Lament to Praise and Back Again. Hosted in partnership with Deus ex Musica, this virtual concert will feature a smorgasbord of rich music, dance, drama, and poetry. Book your ticket now and join us as our artists help us to see and develop skins of the good and the holy amidst our current challenges. 

April 2021

On Founding God's Nation: An Engagement with Leon Kass and His New Book on Exodus

Zoom event: Tuesday 6 April, 5-7:30PM UK time

If you are looking for biblical interpretation that opens out onto all of life, then Leon Kass’s work is in a class of its own. We invite you to join us for a 2.5-hour zoom event to respond to this exciting new work, with an introduction by Leon Kass and a lineup of presentations given by biblical scholars and theologians engaging with the book. The event will conclude with a time for Q&A with the speakers and Leon Kass.

Founding God's Nation: Reading Exodus Weekly Zoom Reading Group

Zoom gathering: Thursdays, 8:00PM UK time, 1 hour max

Leon Kass’ new commentary on Exodus, Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus, published in January 2021 (Yale University Press), is a tour de force of biblical interpretation—an example of deeply thoughtful, academically rigorous, accessibly written, profoundly creative work that opens up the riches of the book of Exodus for contemporary life. Recognizing the uniqueness and significance of this achievement, KLC’s Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar is hosting a reading group to systematically work through Kass’ book and process his work communally. 

KLC Day of Prayer: Accompanying Jesus in Holy Week

Zoom Event: Thursday 1 April 2021, Maundy Thursday in Holy Week

We invite you to join us in spending the day in prayer as we accompany Jesus to the cross, and beyond to his resurrection. We will be hosting three moments of prayer on the day: Morning prayer, Day prayer, and Virtual Eucharist. Select Learn More to see all times and to RSVP.

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Subscribe to our mailing list below to be kept up to date on our regular events and resources. The KLC Community Mailing List is the main way we share essential content with you. We will not spam you, nor will we share your information with anyone. Don’t miss out, sign up today!