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Reclaiming What Matters with Darren Whitehead’s 40-day Digital Fast


Reclaiming What Matters with Darren Whitehead’s 40-day Digital Fast

Phones and other digital devices dominate our day-to-day lives, offering both essential productivity and utility functions, but also embedding habits that aren’t always healthy for us.

Dr Darren Whitehead’s church experimented with a 40-day fast from their phones, and built in some brilliant community practices along the way to encourage one another, and the results are worth hearing about!

In this must-listen episode, Jason and Darren unpack his four Ds: Detach, Discover, Delight, and Discern. Make changes to your digital habits to bring back the joy!

Get a bulk deal on his book for your community from ⁠TheDigitalFast.com⁠.

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