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Working Our Jobs as a Way to Love God and Love Our Neighbour with Russell Gehrlein

“When I found out that God was working in me and through me to love my neighbours through my work, and that that work had eternal value, that changed my life.”

In this episode of the podcast we have a conversation with Russell Gehrlein, author of “Immanuel Labour–God’s Presence in Our Profession: A Biblical, Theological, and Practical Approach to the Doctrine of Work.” In the book and in this conversation Russell seeks to bust some of the myths that many of us have received about our work, like: ‘the only truly important work is paid church or missionary work’, and ‘for the rest of us, our jobs are only valuable as an avenue for evangelism and to earn money in order to tithe’. The work of church ministers and missionaries is indeed vital, and it is important to support such work, but what about the countless Christians working in a variety of other vocations across the globe? What if your ‘9-5’, your skills, gifts and vocational calling was rather a profound avenue for loving God and loving your neighbour? All this and more in today’s episode of Christianity for the Everyday.

For more from Russell, you can head over to his website: https://regehrlein.wordpress.com/, or find him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/russellgehrlein.

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