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At the Kirby Laing Centre, we believe if research is done well then it can and should be made available at the most accessible levels. We encourage our partner scholars to pursue depth and to publish at the highest level, and we also provide bridges, such as in our The Big Picture magazine, between rigorous Christian thinking and the church.


Prayer is essential to the Christian life, to public theology and to the life of the scholar. We are gathering resources for the discipline of prayer and concerning specific issues in our world today.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is our magazine, published three times per year. It is packed with ideas and stories from our talented community. Read online or buy a physical copy.

Ethics in Conversation

Ethics in Conversation offers succinct, insightful Christian perspectives on a range of contemporary ethical issues, often via book reviews or conversations with an author or practitioner. 


Nuances in Public Theology is an occasional journal, usually developed in connection to a significant gathering or academic workshop. Collected essays are sold in physical form.

Project True Story

A major key to unlocking the Bible is to come to grips with the overarching story the Bible tells, which is the focus of KLC’s popular books in this series.

Scripture Collective Series

For twenty-five years, the Scripture Collective has produced world-class publications that have impacted a generation of scholars around the globe.

Other Books & Publications

KLC has a range of other books and publications that you can read or sample, including the much-anticipated Old Testament and God series.


On this page, you can find posts advertising each of our Christianity for the Everyday podcast episodes. Join our Spotify channel for direct access.