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Take Care of the Soil and It will Take Care of Us with Holly Whitelaw

Take Care of the Soil and It will Take Care of Us with Holly Whitelaw

In this episode of the podcast we have an enlightening conversation with Holly Whitelaw. Holly is the Director of Regenerative Food & Farming, and Bosavern Community Farm; Researcher for Sustainable Food Cornwall; runs Compost for Carbon Trials, and Cornwall Climate Action Network; and is Founder of the Cornwall Gleaning Network. Joined in the discussion by KLC Director Craig Bartholomew, and KLC Associate Fellows Genevieve Wedgbury and Diana Salgado, Holly helps us to explore and better understand the profound interconnection of soil health, climate health and human health. With equal parts passion, humour and technical expertise, she is able to discuss the importance of big picture issues of climate, soil health, microbiology, industrial agriculture and global food chains, while pointing out ways everyday people can be involved in the movement of regenerating and taking care of our planet and ourselves.

You can find out more about some of the initiatives Holly is involved in:

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