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SAHS: Leviticus as Christian Scripture: Intertextual Reflections

KLC’s Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar recently held this the second of their four-part exploration of Leviticus: How do We Read Leviticus as Christian Scripture: Intertextual Reflections.

Scripture comes to us in various contexts, and for this event our speakers guide us in considering the place of Leviticus within its context in the canon of the Bible as a whole and in the context of its reception in the church, addressing a key challenge of receiving Leviticus as Scripture for today: how does Leviticus instruct us when so many of its rules and rites are no longer possible/necessary for Christians today.

We are grateful to the organisers, particularly Dave Beldman, Megan Roberts, and AJ Culp, and especially to our presenters, Dr Geoff Harper and Dr Michael Graves.