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The Big Picture Online Magazine

Issue 06

February 2023

“There is a deliberate double entendre in our theme for this edition of The Big Picture. Just as nature nurtures us, so we too are called to nurture nature. Being granted rule or dominion over the creatures (Genesis 1:28) is not a pretext for exploitation and plunder, but a call to relate to our fellow creatures as does God, namely with compassion.” 

Craig G. Bartholomew

“Christianity… opens out onto all of life and is integrally and gloriously related to spheres of life such as agriculture, politics, immigration, family, education, entertainment, business and economics, art, sexuality, etc. Few things would help us make these vital connections more than a rediscovery of the doctrine of creation.”

Craig G. Bartholomew

George Hobson

Craig G. Bartholomew

William Olhausen

Saint Francis of Assisi