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KLC Fellows' Publications, Resources and Events

Below you will find a list containing links to a number of our various Fellows’ publications, events, and other resources. These links are updated as they are made available by our Fellows, so be sure to check periodically for new resources, publications and events produced by our Fellows.


Yuan Dao Study Society 原道交流學會 & Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology (Cambridge), supported by Asia Academy of Practical Theology 亞洲實踐神學學會 

Dec 13, 2023 (Wednesday) – 5:00 pm HK / 9:00 am UK 

Inter-culture and Tradition series:

“Exploring  the journey of women’s empowerment in a Chinese congregation with missionary influence from feminist, post-colonial and intercultural perspectives”

Abstract: How women’s empowerment can be made in a Chinese congregation with missionary influence, including the decolonisation in the use of the Bible, the impact of the culture and tradition in a church? The study manifested a decolonisation of the influence of the western missionaries and the transformation of the culture and tradition of the congregation as well as the self-identity and leadership of women.  

Speaker: Dr. Elaine YIP was a graduate of Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology in Anglia Ruskin University in 2019. Her research interest was feminist theology and has been a deaconess in a Baptist church with deep concerns for women’s right. She is a founding and board member of “Asia Academy of Practical Theology HK” and speaker in an online faith forum “Salt Light Fellowship”.

Respondent: Theresa Lumo Kung, a nucleus member of the Focolare Movement, external secretary of the Catholic Diocesan Ecumenical Commission.

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Time: Dec 13, 2023 (Wed)  – 5:00pm HK / 9:00am UK

Meeting ID: 884 9358 2284

Passcode: 399754

Publications, Articles and Other Resources

Ian Randall

‘Radical Reformation, Community and Post-Christendom’, Post-Christendom Studies, Vol. 7 (2023), pp. 33-36.

‘John Chilembwe (ca. 1871-1913): African Baptist Pastor and Protestor’, Baptist Quarterly, Vol. 54, No. 3 (July 2023), pp. 155-173.

‘Tambaram, 1938: Christianity’s shift to the Global South’, Transformation, Vol. 40, Issue 4 (October 2023), pp. 350-365.

Georgina Gollock (1861-1940): Pioneering Female Missiologist (Cambridge: CCCW: 2023).

Mission not Impossible: Baptist Missionaries’ Experience and Reflections (Didcot: BHS and BMS, 2023).

‘Georgina Gollock (1861– 1940) and World Christianity’, Priscilla Papers, Vol 37, No 4  (Autumn 2023), pp. 3-7.

Revival: Learning from History (Cambridge: Grove Books, 2023).