The KLC Research Collective

Amidst the hard secularism and pervasive individualism of the West the KLC Research Collective (KRC) is counter-cultural in its concern with Christian scholarship in community, rooted in spirituality, oriented towards how then shall we live? A central concern of KLC is to have a research community at the heart of our work, viz. the KLC Research Collective. Through the KRC we seek to facilitate communal, inter-disciplinary scholarship coram deo, for the glory of God and the flourishing of the church and the world. 

“I have come to see that theological ethics or public theology, far from being a marginal discipline, is really the culmination of Christian insight from across the disciplines. 

The niche we think KLC needs to fill is that of high-level Christian research across the disciplines oriented towards how then shall we live?”

Craig G. Bartholomew

Exploring KLC's Research Vision

KLC Director, Craig Bartholomew, recently presented For Such a Time as This: KLC’s Research Vision to a gathering of our Fellows and KLC community in which he shared some of our vision, core aims and ethos.

Whether you are an established part of our community, or wishing to learn more, we encourage you to read For Such a Time as This.

KLC Fellows

KLC Associate Fellows are prominent scholars and practitioners, working in their own areas, while also part of our Research Collective. Formal members of our Research Collective also take the name Fellow.

Inter-disciplinary Group

The IG is made up of certain Fellows, scholars and practitioners from across the disciplines who gather once a month in a blended fashion, those able to meet in person in Cambridge, and the rest tuning in via video. The IG is the communal heart of the wider KRC, its aim, rooted in spirituality, is to be an academic community that is supportive, mutually equipping, collaborative and generative.

Research Hubs

Under the wider umbrella of the KRC, and alongside the IG, we have organically developing discipline-specific hubs. Our four Scripture Collective Seminars - Scripture and Hermeneutics, Scripture and Doctrine, Scripture and Church, Scripture and the University - also function as hubs.

Becoming a Fellow of the KRC

KLC has different categories of Fellows. Note that some of our categories are still under discussion. Associate Fellows are prominent scholars and practitioners associated with KLC. Active and committed members of our Research Collective are also called Fellows. Once a year we formally induct them as such.

Becoming a Fellow of the KRC means that you will enjoy supportive and generative intellectual community, be challenged towards excellence in your work, benefit from insights from other disciplines, and participate in communal projects. It means being better equipped and re-energised for your scholarly vocation. As a Fellow you will benefit from being able to draw on your colleagues’ expertise, help one another get publishing contracts, and promote the dissemination of each other’s work.

How you can apply

To become part of the KRC you need to:

  • Have time available to attend regularly
  • Be on an academic journey
  • Be committed to the project of Christian scholarship oriented towards how then shall we live?
  • Be a good team player – hungry, humble, human.

Submit the form below if you would like to apply to become a KRC Fellow, or if you would like to find out more.