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KLC Podcast

Welcome to Christianity for the Everyday, a podcast of the Kirby Laing Centre.

Public theology is about how the very good news of Jesus relates to all of life. We like to quote Gerard Manley Hopkins’ statement that “Christ plays in ten thousand places.” In our podcast we aim to find those myriad ways in which Christ plays in our lives, so that we can play alongside him. Join our team and invited guests as we explore Christianity and the everyday from the most mundane aspects of our lives with their hidden glory, to geo-political issues that impact upon them.

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Becoming More Fully Human with Craig Bartholomew

In our first episode of Christianity for the Everyday, our team sits down with KLC Director Craig Bartholomew to have a ranging conversation exploring, among other things, Craig’s experience of coming to faith and being a young clergyman in Apartheid South Africa; his unfolding realisation that the very Good News of Jesus relates to all of life; the goal of the Christian life as being who God made you to be and doing what God made you to do as a creature in his good creation; and his conviction that as Christ increases in our lives and we decrease, the Spirit works to make us more fully human.

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