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The Kirby Laing Centre's

Scripture and Church Seminar

The Scripture and Church Seminar (SACS) explores the interface between Scripture and church, covering the terrain that is normally referred to as Practical Theology.

In 2016 SACS had a great inaugural session in San Antonio. With approximately 70 in attendance, Dr Bill DeJong (McMaster Divinity College) presented on “Which Way Now? Pearls and Perils Along the Uncertain Path of Practical Theology.” Ken Herfst (Redeemer University College) presented on “Broad Brushstrokes for a Potential ‘Scripture and Church’ Agenda,” and Dr Michael Wagenman (Western University and Redeemer University College) presented on “Pondering Practical Theology: Proclamation and the Problem of Propaganda.”

In 2017 SACS met for the second time around the theme of The Kingdom of God and Everyday Liturgies.

The 2018 theme for the Scripture and Church Seminar brought into focus the complex relationship between the church and the Kingdom of God.

The theme for 2019 was “Communicating the Kingdom”.

For more detailed information regarding the themes and presentations of past seminars you can head over here.

The Committee

Dr. Bill DeJong, chair (Blessings Christian Church; Redeemer University); Dr. Susan Bubbers (The Center for Anglican Theology, Liturgy, and Spiritual Formation); Dr. David Starling (Morling College); Dr. Dru Johnson (The Kings College); Dr. Julie Canlis (PhD, St. Andrews); Dr. Dana Harris (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School). 

For any enquiries regarding the Scripture and Church Seminar, contact Dr. Bill DeJong.

SACS: Scripture and Church Seminar at SBL / IBR in November 2023.

2023 Seminar Description

17 November 2023   |   1:00 PM – 3:15 PM   |   Room: Salon M – Marriott Rivercenter

The Discipleship of the Ecclesiastical Calendar: The Nexus between Scripture, Time, and Anthropology.

We will reflect on how the ecclesiastical calendar is borne out of the Scripture, how Scripture presents calendric events, how significant episodes in the ministry of Jesus align with Israel’s calendar (e.g., crucifixion – Passover; outpouring of Spirit – Pentecost), how the Bible envisions time, repetition, re-enactment, recapitulation, etc.

For more information, contact Bill DeJong (

Seminar Programme

Bill DeJong, Redeemer University, Welcome (5 min)

Opening Liturgy

Susan Bubbers, The Center for Anglican Theology, Presiding (5 min)

1. Amy Peeler, Wheaton College: The Annunciation and The Church (25 min)

2. Julie Canlis, Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology: The Ontology of the Church Calendar (25 min)

Break (10 min)

3. Peter Leithart, Theopolis Institute: Time and the Church (25 min)

Discussion (35 min)

Closing Liturgy

Susan Bubbers, The Center for Anglican Theology, Presiding (5 min)