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The Big Picture magazine | Issue 08 | Craft – Part 1



The Big Picture magazine Issue 08: Craft – Part 1

Gerard Manley Hopkins famously wrote that Christ plays in ten thousand places. Public Theology is of little use if it does not enter into that play in every area of life.

This issue of the magazine explores the theme of Craft, and in it you will find, among others, articles on why art matters today; the ethics of craft; the beauty and power of photography; how paying attention and being handy can be transformative; on doing well whatever your hand finds to do; on the importance of resisting the global consumer machine and making things by hand; on traditional Japanese boat building; on books as sacred sites; on the biblical foundations of journalism; on crafting human hearts; on the craft of translation; on pursuing obscurity; and much more.

The Big Picture magazine aims to embody and express the myriad ways in which Christ plays in all of life: In people, in art, in places, in nature, in politics, in food, in music, in literature, in film, in sport, and in countless other places. Of course we are all different and we live in different countries and places, and thus the way in which Christ plays in our lives will be different. Unlike most magazines which are written by others for us, we invite all members of our community and beyond, to write for TBP. As you discover how Christ is playing in your life, your family, your city, your country, we invite you to contribute short pieces, poetry, music, art, photographs, etc. As we do this together we will see from our differences how a huge view of Christ emerges, and how he is at work in so many different ways.