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Issue 04

Easter at Histon Baptist Church

Kate Farmer

Kate Farmer and her husband, Chris, live with their three children in Histon, Cambridge, where Chris is the minister of Histon Baptist Church. Together, they seek to celebrate and show the love of God to their community.

Photo: David Johnson

The “eggs” on the church lawn stem from a vision: to see Histon Baptist Church (Cambridge, UK) interacting with our community in a different way. Following the success of a Remembrance Day community project on the front lawn of the church, featuring a display of poppies created by various community groups, it was clear to us that this was a valuable way of reaching those we may not otherwise come into contact with. Our vision is to see Jesus’ Great Commission, to go into all the world and spread the gospel, in action. To get to know our community better so that we, as a church, might better know how to love and serve them. Another motivation fuelling this project is the desire to see Easter celebrated with the excitement and energy it deserves. In this post-Christendom nation we have lost, to a degree, the celebratory feel and recognition that Christian festivals once had. We want to see Easter celebrated with the energy and joy befitting the love that God has for us in sending his only Son and all that entails.

The eggs themselves are a collection of artwork from members of Histon Baptist Church’s congregation. The artists range in age, background and experience. Some of the eggs are completely original pieces and some are based on or inspired by other pieces of art. They all have a very different feel to them and are all unique in style. It is worth noting that, as you stand back and see the full picture, they begin telling the passion narrative using bright tones and as you move on towards Jesus Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, his arrest and crucifixion, the colours and tones get darker, mirroring that of the subject matter, only then to turn to vibrant colours as we move on to The Empty Tomb and The Resurrected Jesus. As a collection of work by multiple artists all working independently this was unplanned. It is a testament to the skill of the artists that they have caught the feel of each event, finishing with the “sunrise” colours of the resurrection, affirming the new life and bright hope for each day that we have in our risen saviour, Jesus Christ.

We have had a rota of Histon Baptist Church congregants sitting on the picnic benches next to the eggs, ready to engage with anybody who wanted to talk and find out more about the artworks, who created them and why. We have heard the testimonies of those on the rota and have been excited to hear that some people have asked for prayer, some have spoken about their own experiences and history with the church, others have simply admired and enjoyed the work that has gone into the display. Whatever the response, much fruit has come from this installation already and we’re excited to see how else God can use the paintings this Easter.