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Issue 02

The Singing Spot:
For Health and Strength

Mary Vanhoozer

There is an old Chinese proverb: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer: it sings because it has a song.” In this section, we invite our readers to infuse their daily lives with a new song, specifically: a round. A round is a wonderful way of harmonizing with other singers without learning a separate melody line, or knowing much about music theory and improvisation. Rounds may be simple but they can also be extremely complex. For this second issue, we will continue with something simple enough that, when sung as a round with other singers, nevertheless is very satisfying to sing. 

I grew up singing this with family around the dinner table to thank God for his countless blessings. Now my husband and I (and occasionally our miniature schnauzer!) carry on the tradition in our home.

This round is a four-person round, but also sounds lovely with only two or three voices. Each new person begins their first note when the person in front of them sings the last note in the first measure (entrances also indicated by the numbers).

For Health and Strength

Artwork by Barbara A Lane