Founding God's Nation: Weekly Reading Group

Zoom gathering: Thursdays, 8:00PM UK time, 1 hour max

Time: Thursdays, 9:0Opm (GMT) / 4:00pm (EST)
Duration: 1 hour max
Start date: Thursday, Feb 18
Venue: Zoom

Leon Kass’ new commentary on Exodus, Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus, published in January 2021 (Yale University Press), is a tour de force of biblical interpretation—an example of deeply thoughtful, academically rigorous, accessibly written, profoundly creative work that opens up the riches of the book of Exodus for contemporary life. Recognizing the uniqueness and significance of this achievement, KLC’s Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar is hosting a reading group to systematically work through Kass’ book and process his work communally. The reading group will meet once a week for one hour to discuss the assigned readings (normally two chapters per week), including (but not limited to):

(1)   a summary of the week’s reading, voluntarily offered by a participant

(2)   an aim to identify collectively major issues and questions arising

(3)   critical engagement with these and other matters

The reading group is open to anyone who is interested in participating. If you haven’t done the week’s reading please do still attend and listen but we ask that participation in the discussion be limited to those who have done the readings.

Any inquiries can be directed to William Olhausen or David Beldman.

To register a place in the Reading Group please fill in the RSVP form below and we will get back to you with confirmation and necessary details.